T.I がジュエリー会社から高額の代金未納で訴えられる

T.I がジュエリー会社から高額の代金未納で訴えられる 写真
あの T.I が アトランタのジュエリー会社 Aydin & Co. から代金未納に対する損害で訴えられているらしい。損害金は約8000万円になるらしい。この会社はラッパーに人気の 高額ジュエリーをオリジナル製作しており、あの 50 cent や Rick Ross のジュエリー等も手掛けている。ことは遡ること2004年、T.I はジュエリー会社に1500万円のダイヤモントが散りばめられた、ペンダントをオーダーしたらしい。そして2014年に毎月の支払いが滞ったらしい。

According to reputable Atlanta jeweler-to-the-stars company, Aydin & Co., T.I. has been taking his Hustle Gang motto a little too serious. The Hip Hop superstar is being sued by them for a whopping $755,000 for failing to pay for shiny accessories he acquired from them, dating all the way back to 2004.

According to the lawsuit obtained by Bossip, Tip stopped making payments on his open account (which was prompted by an oral agreement) back in 2013. It included bills for seven custom made diamond pendants valued at $145,000, $40,000 in “assorted women’s jewelry,” a $30,000 blue diamond watch, a $24,500 women’s diamond bracelet, a $13,500 men’s wedding band, two $10,000 custom-made dog tags [Editor’s note: ???], $9,500 diamond hoop earrings, a 48-carat diamond chain — and those were just the items that were formally listed.

Aydin & Co. owner Fevzi Aydin filed the lawsuit after responses for payment were left unreturned, a lawsuit that T.I. says barred by the statute of limitations. Regarding that same statute of limitations, the Grand Hustle CEO asked the judge presiding over the case to bar Aydin & Co. from suing him for any jewelry sold before 2011 and he was explicit that the company never produced any texts or emails that outlined any payment delinquency.

Tip’s affidavit stated Aydin & Co. would periodically send him jewelry to examine and if they were to his liking, he could negotiate a price or return as he saw fit.

The judge has yet to rule on the case as of press time. Request for comment from T.I.’s camp was also not returned.

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