Supreme ファンが発売会で暴徒化する。

一昨日にニューヨークであった事件。ストリートブランドで人気の Supreme の即売会でファンが暴れたらしい。なんでもこれは2016年のウィンターバージョンのパーカーを抽選で販売する事だったらしいのだが、抽選に漏れたファンが会場のフェンスを押し破ったらしい。

Earlier today, Supreme caused chaos once again in the streets of New York City after the popular retailer reportedly sent out an exclusive e-mail this morning to its loyal supporters for the release of the 2016 fall/winter box logo hoodies.

According to those Supreme supporters who received the email, the special event was scheduled to run from the hours of 7:30AM to 3:30PM at James J. Walker Park in the West Village area of NYC. Unfortunately for those who attended Supreme’s sign-up event today, the function was shut down by security after hundreds of Supreme supporters decided to bum rush the line, causing the New York retailer to close down its special event.

While a few lucky ones from this morning were able to sign-up for the coveted Supreme box logo hoodies, those who were unable to do so today, will now have to wait until this Thursday late afternoon to be luckily added on as a walk-in addition to Supreme‘s box hoodie release method.

Check out what went down earlier today in New York City for the sign-up release event of the new batch of Supreme box hoodies below, and to those still hoping to get their hands on the hoodies, good luck this Thursday.

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