Rick Ross が DGK Clothing を訴える。

rick ross dgk saiban-2 rick-ross-dgk-saiban-3ラッパーの Rick Ross が DGK Clothing を訴えるらしい。この会社は主にストリート系のファッションを取り扱う会社。DGK社はリックロスと毎月、約100万円でモデル契約をしたらしい。しかし去年の11月にこの会社が倒産(?)した為にこれらの契約費が支払われずにいたしい。>

Rick Ross is suing DGK Clothing — a company he had a contract with to wear their apparel in public — after they stopped paying him, according to TMZ.

In the lawsuit, filed by Rick Ross Touring, it’s claimed the MMG frontman had a two-year deal with DGK’s brand ambassador that would pay him at least $10,000 per month plus another seven percent of profits.

In addition, Ross’ representatives say that DGK admitted to being to being broke in November of last year and subsequently stopped sending his checks.

Rick Ross is reported to be owed more than $80,000 in back pay.

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