Nikeエアマックスが発売30周年を祝う 写真1979年3月26日に発売された Air Max が発売から30周年を迎える。また3月26日は Air Maxの日として 全米主要4都市にショップが限定でオープンするらしい。また 来年2018年は 12モデルの有名デザイナーのデザインした エアマックスが発売されるらしい。進化を遂げるナイキは楽しみですね。また ナイキのサイトでは 来年発売されるかも知れないスニーカーの人気調査を行っている。

Last year, Nike surprised the world by allowing consumers to vote back one iconic Air Max shoe of the past for a future release. That concept is becoming a reality in just a few days as the atmos x Air Max 1, the winner of the Air Max Day 2016 vote, is hitting stores. For Air Max Day 2017, Nike is taking a big leap forward with that concept, but with a surprise twist; Swoosh fans will once again have the opportunity to vote on a shoe for a future release, but the candidates aren’t past releases – they’re brand new hybrid designs crafted by twelve individuals known as the Nike RevolutionAirs.

Nike hand-selected 12 creatives to co-create a brand new Air Max shoes with the Nike design team, and beginning Friday, March 17th, you’ll get to participate in the future of Air through the Vote Forward experience, which allows you to choose design for a 2018 release. Voting ends on March 25th and the winner will be announced on Air Max Day, March 26th.

The three RevolutionAir designs seen here are done by Sean Wotherspoon of Los Angeles, Kyle NG of Los Angeles, and Venus X of NYC. The remaining individuals are Alexandra Hackett (London), Artemy Lebedev (Moscow), Bunyamin Aydin (Istanbul), Celement Balvoine (Amsterdam), Fabikr (Seoul), Lourdes Villagómez (Mexico City), Naotaka Konno (Tokyo), Shangguan Zhe (Shanghai), and Tianzhuo Chen (Beijing). Voting starts on Friday, March 17th and ends on Saturday, March 25th. You can vote for your favorite design now at

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