Kevin Gates が30ヶ月間の刑務所行きに

Kevin Gates が30ヶ月間の刑務所行きに 写真2015年にフロリダのコンサートにて、女性ファンに蹴りを入れ180日間の刑務所 生活を送った Kevin Gates が30ヶ月間の刑務所行きになるらしい。なんでも2013年に銃器不法所持の件で、彼の保釈が断られた為に再度の30ヶ月の収監となるらしい。

More bad news for Kevin Gates.

After serving 180 days in jail for kicking a female fan during a 2015 Florida concert, the troubled Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper turned himself over to authorities again, over a warrant for failing to appear for a 2013 weapons charge originating in Cook County, Illinois. He was denied bail last week. After being transferred from Polk County Florida to Illinois, he appeared in court on Wednesday (April 26) to face the consequences.

Gates pleaded guilty to the charges and received 30 months in prison and will be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections, reports TMZ.

His lawyer also told TMZ that he was “pleased with the result of 30 months” considering the charges could have landed Gates behind bars for up to 10 years.

Members of the rap community rallied around the rapper last month, including Gucci Mane and French Montana, who offered their unwavering support. Several people also took to Twitter to express their feelings on the most recent sentencing. Check those out below.

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