Kendrick Lamar と リーボックのコラボスニーカー


あの Kendrick Lamar のニューコラボスニーカーが 1月13日に発売されるらしい。正式なスニーカーの名称は Club C Model と題してウォーシュドデニム調なキャンバスに アルファベットのK と 赤い dot ドット(血痕)が刺繍されているらしい。そして K.Dot 通名 となる。これらはロスアンジェルスのギャングに対して込められた 平和的なメッセージにもなるらしい。ちなみに去年の一月には青ギャングと赤ギャングをモチーフにしたスニーカー Classic Leather も発売された。*写真右下

On January 13, Reebok plans to reveal another new shoe collaboration with Kendrick Lamar based on the brand’s Club C model. In addition to the acid-washed denim, the black and white pattern is intended to represent unity in today’s divisive society. The red detailing symbolizes the intensity and heart the Compton MC puts into his music. The letters “k” and “o” in the Reebok logo are also highlighted to reference Kendrick’s “KDot” nickname.

“Now more than ever it is important for individuals to come together as one,” KDot said in a statement. “This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages. This is something I try to do with my music, and now here with the Club C.”

The Club C model marks KDot’s third Reebok sneaker and follows the Ventilators, which promoted peace among rival gangs, and the Classic Leather model, “Perfect Split.” The shoe retails for $109.99 and will be available at Footaction, Sneaker Villa, Shiekh Shoes, Jimmy Jazz, Shoe Palace and

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