Kanye West が Twitter と Instagram のアカウントを消す

Kanye West が Twitter と Instagram のアカウントを消す 写真毎回、奇怪な行動をとる事で有名な Kayne West だが、今度は  Twitter と Instagram のアカウントを同時に削除したらしい。なんでも嫁である Kim が新しく立ち上げるジュエリーブランド Tested Jewelry Line の設立日に削除したらしい。このジュエリーは、彼女が手彫りでデザインしたモノを製品化してくらしい。全ては18金ゴールドで、一つ100万円位するらしい。

What better way to test out a jewelry line than to let your famous wife rock it before you drop it? That’s exactly what Kanye West has done with his brand new gilded jewelry line in collaboration with the well-respected lapidary Jacob the Jeweler.

“I wanted to create something that represented timeless love,” Kanye explained to VOGUE.

The classic 12-piece line was inspired by 14th-century Florentine art and was worn at various times by the love of Ye’s life.

Kim layered a few of the golden ornaments at the MTV Video Music Awards last year and shortly after donned another layered look of the auric chains while glammed-up in a silk ivory slip and Givenchy robe dress. She has also been seen wearing her husband’s golden charms while being papped out in Los Angeles.

The pieces can be copped right now over at YeezySupply.com but expect to drop an easy $10,000 for the only 18k yellow gold 25″ cherub chain left on the site. You can also hit up Jacob the Jeweler for not only the necklaces, but for the rings and cuffs too.

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