Kanye West がドナルドトランプと再開。

昨日のニュース。あの Kanye West が次期アメリカ大統領 ドナルドトランプとニューヨークのトランプタワーのロビーで再開したらしい。カニエは持参していた タイムマガジンにサインを貰ったらしい。トランプ氏は “彼とはいい友達だよ” とインタビューに答えたらしい。ちなみにカニエは選挙運動の時はトランプを応援していた。

Kanye West met with president-elect Donald Trump yesterday (December 13) to discuss “multicultural issues,” according to Saint Pablo himself. No matter what they were talking about, the internet wasn’t having it.

Today (December 14), Yeezy took to Twitter to show off a special gift the real estate mogul gave to him, a signed copy of TIME magazine where Trump was named “Person of the Year.”

In his personalized message, Donald calls ‘Ye “a great friend” and emphasizes “great” with an underline.

Prior to being hospitalized for exhaustion, West made headlines for ranting about the political process, saying that he would have voted for Trump, had he voted.

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