Just Blaze と Swizz Beatz がネットでビートバトル

ジャストブレイズ と スウィズビート インスタ写真
最近では様々なネットを使った イベントや企画が 発案されているが、今回もまた WESTSIDEGUNN 主催による Just BlazeSwizz Beatz が ネットで ビートバトルを開催するらしい。これはオンラインストリーミングを使用したバトルで 誰でもリアルタイムにコメントが残せるといったモノ。これらのバトルは決してビーフではないという事が前提らしい。もちろん勝敗は “イイネ”の数で決まる。

Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz want to find out who is better behind the boards. The producers announced that they are participating in a beat battle, which will take place this Friday (Feb. 24).

The veteran producers came up with the rules as they made the announcement. Both men will get to use a kick, snare and hi-hat in this special contest. The beat battle will be live-streamed on Instagram, so fans across the world will be able to see the showdown.

On the creative front, Just Blaze was recently in the studio with the rising star Westside Gunn. The two linked up at the end of December.

“Feeling a kind of way today,” the producer wrote on Twitter. “Going to studio with @WESTSIDEGUNN and get some of this off my chest.”

Westside Gunn was very excited about the collaboration. The rapper did not try hide it at all in his own social media post about the studio session.


Swizz Beatz has been busy at work too, crafting his next solo album. The LP – his first since 2007’s One Man Band Man – is set to feature guest appearances by Young Thug, French Montana, 2 Chainz and longtime collaborator DMX.

Fans got a taste of what Swizz and DMX have been cooking up in the studio via the new track “Bane Is Back,” which dropped last month.


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