Jeremih がライブ中にマイクを投げ捨て退却。

jeremih-tosses-mic-111月28日にシカゴで行われたライブ中に起こった事件。R&Bシンガーの Jeremih のマイクの音が繋がらずに「F&% Y’all」と暴言を吐き、マイクを投げ捨て ステージを去った。なんでもサウンドエンジニアとライブ前から揉めていたらしい。詳しい映像は下記からどうぞ。

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Live shows are always under the looming specter of technical difficulties, and Jeremih apparently ended a recent concert due to that fact. The R&B performer was back in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago when he yelled at technical sound staff and tossed his microphone before storming off stage.

In a cellphone video from a fan’s perspective, it looks like Jeremih’s microphone was giving him difficulties and he blamed the soundmen for the issue. Jeremih was in the middle of singing his hook for Wale’s “Body” single from the D.C. rapper’s 2014 The Album About Nothing. From the looks of the video, one could assume that Jeremih was directing his ire at fans but they were actually cheering and singing along.

“They some haters, fuck y’all,” he said before walking stage left. The move definitely surprised the crowd who all had a collective reaction to the sudden moment. Jeremih took to Twitter to explain who exactly the haters were.

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