Jay Z が TIDAL を訴える。

Jay-Z-Taking-Former-TIDAL-Owners-To-Court-For-$15-Million-1あの JAY-Z が手掛けるストリーミング会社 TIDALの母体会社 AspiroをジェイZが訴えるらしい。なんでもアスピロ側がジェイZに嘘の申請者数を530000人と報告していたらしい。実際には何人の申請者(利用者)がいるか解らないらしい。これに対してジェイZはアウピロ側に15億円の損害賠償を請求するらしい。>

According to Music Business Worldwide, Jay Z is seeking $15 million from the former shareholders of Aspiro, the parent company of TIDAL. This translates to about 100 million Norwegian Krone. The Rap mogul acquired the streaming service for a reported $57 million. He was told that TIDAL had 530,000 subscribers as of January 2015 and now says that figure was “misleading.”

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