Ice Cube が Interscope Records とサインを交わす

Ice Cube が Interscope Records とサインを交わす写真もと N.W.A のメンバーであった ICE CUBEDr.DRE率いるインタースコープレコードとサインを交わしたらしい。インタビューに答えたキューブによると “It makes sense for a lot of reasons 全ては上手くいくはずさ。” と意味深な答え。またキューブは Lench Mob というインディースレーベルを運営しているが、そちらの方も引き続き運営していくらしい。

Ice Cube is joining forces with a major label. The rap icon has signed a deal with Interscope Records, joining fellow N.W.A member Dr. Dre at the industry powerhouse.

“It makes sense for a lot of reasons,” Cube told Variety. “Interscope has always been on the cutting edge of music, so it’s cool to be associated with a label that’s done so much for hip-hop and music in general. They’re game changers.”

Cube will continue to operate his Lench Mob Records independently, but future solo projects will have the backing of Interscope. The Friday franchise creator’s last three albums were released through the Lench Mob imprint following his departure from Priority Records.

“We are thrilled to announce that Ice Cube has joined the Interscope family,” said John Janick, Chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M in a press release. “He’s obviously one of the legendary figures in hip-hop … that’s a massive statement on its own, but he’s so much more than that. Cube has an incredible body of work, and as a fan, I’m honored to welcome him to the label.”

Cube’s first project for Interscope will be the re-release of his classic album Death Certificate, which originally dropped in October 1991. The updated version is being billed as a 25th-anniversary edition and will include three new tracks: “Only One Me,” “Dominate the Weak” and the lead single, “Good Cop, Bad Cop.”

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