Gucci Mane が3曲入りのEPをリリース。

グッチマネー ミニアルバム写真
あの Gucci Mane が3曲入りのミニアルバムを発表した。またグッチは今年中に自伝書を発表するとの事で執筆活動中らしい。グッチは昨年にモデルの Keyshia Kaoir と婚約。監獄から次生を歩むもっとも活躍するラッパーでもある。

Gucci has reunited with Atlanta trap pioneer Shawty Redd for three new tracks presented as the 3 For Free EP. The closing track, “Sir Brix A Lot,” has both the flashiest title and instrumental, as Gucci and Shawty find a comfortable space between the current sound of trap and the influential sounds they were cooking up on 2005’s Trap House. Shawty Redd’s instrumental relies much more heavily on its colorful synth than its bassline, giving it a much different feel than the dark sub-bass-driven records from Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia that have defined the last year of ATL music.

Listen to the full project here.

Quotable Lyrics:

A pocket rocket on me
And a pocket scale, mane
If I go broke I still got my clientele, mane
This for my convicts
All of my n*ggas still in jail, mane
Gucci Mane Shawty Redd

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