Drake が Rihanna の誕生日にお揃いのジャケット?!

2月20日に誕生日を迎える Rihanna 同じタイムフィードで Drake はピンクの Stone Island gear製のジャケットを着ていたらしい。これは10月に リアーナが着ていたモノを意識しているようだ。彼等は去年の10月まで付き合っていた ビックカップル。何か意味があるのかな?

It could be a coincidence, but let’s be real: It’s hard to believe that Drake doesn’t know when Rihanna’s birthday is, and harder still to think that he could pick up a giant pink coat and think anything but, “Oh, good! Now we can have matching jackets and matching tats.”

February 20 is Rihanna’s birthday. Drake’s Instagram feed is peppered with shots of him wearing Stone Island gear, from this giant pendant of the brand’s logo to this windbreaker to this cozy zip-up that he wore for a night out with Odell Beckham Jr. in Dublin.

On Ri Day, he shared a photo of himself sporting another Stone Island look, but this one stands out from the rest based on the pale pink hue and the fact that it’s, uh, a little familiar. Here’s Drake’s coat:

And here’s Rihanna’s giant, puffy, pink explosion of bubblegum goodness that puts all other pink puffy coats to shame.

Between this coat, her Marie Antoinette-inspired Puma x Fenty threads, and her 2016 VMAs performances, Rihanna’s established that she’s got a penchant for pink.

But, hey. Maybe Drake just saw that coat and thought it was just a coat, though if there’s any day to slip into a pillowy, pink cloud of a garment and think of the girl he used to gush about, it’s today.

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