Chris Brown がニューヨークのジムから永久追放される。

クリスブラウンのライブパフォーマンス写真あの Chris Brown がニューヨークのスポーツジムから永久追放されたらしい。なんでも彼のプレイするミュージックの音量が やかましい と苦情が入ったらしい。また彼のディスリスペクトフルな態度も問題だったそうな。踏んだり蹴ったりな最近のクリスブラウン…

Chris Brown has a couple months before he catches the fade with Soulja Boy, but apparently he stays charged up. The singer was kicked out of Life Time Athletic in New York City on Friday (Jan. 6), after getting into a verbal confrontation during a basketball game and cussing out an employee.

According to TMZ, Brown and his entourage were at the gym hooping when members complained about their loud music and profanity. When confronted, Breezy reportedly went off on a profanity-laced tirade before he was asked to leave. On the way out, he reportedly spit on the door.

Because of Chris’ behavior, the company has issued a lifetime ban on the singer and the people who were with him, TMZ reports. And not just that location, all the company’s over 100 locations throughout the country.

Brown might want to hold all that aggression in until his boxing bout with DeAndre “The Draco” Way aka Soulja Boy. After bumping their gums over reasons that are still being revealed, the two have decided to settle their differences in the ring. What started as a run-of-the-mill fade is turning into a full on Las Vegas production.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be training Soulja Boy for the bout. And, according to 50 Cent, Mike Tyson will be in Chris Brown’s corner, after it was previously reported that Adrien Broner would prepare him for the fight.

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