Chris Brown がまた逮捕される。

chris brown mata taiho sareruあの Chris Brown がまた逮捕された。事件の内容は30日のロスアンジェルス未明の明け方で起こった。一緒に遊んでいた Baylee Curran という女性にピストルを突きつけたらしい。また目撃者の情報によるとクリスブラウンはドラッグを服用したの証言もあるようだ。彼は保護観察中の身分である為に今後の裁判にも響きそうだ。詳細は追ってアップします。>

The Los Angeles Times says that police had obtained a warrant and had begun searching the home.

The woman who called the police on Chris Brown for reportedly pulling a gun on her has been identified by TMZ.

The news site says the woman is beauty pageant winner Baylee Curran. She says she was hanging out with Breezy and his crew at his house when someone in his entourage was showing off a piece of jewelry.

She says when she approached to admire the jewelry, the man freaked out and Brown had a similar reaction. That’s when he allegedly pulled out the gun and threatened her to get out of his house. Curran says that Brown was seemingly under the influence of drugs or alcohol as she has spent time with Brown before and he usually was very nice.

When Curran and her friend tried to leave after he allegedly pulled a gun on her, Brown’s crew tried to keep her phone from her and make her sign a non-disclosure agreement. They refused and left, which is when she called the police.

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