50 cent が借金を返済する?!

50 Cent Offers $23 Million Plan To Creditors1破産宣告した 50 cent だがどうやら負債を負わせた会社に借金を返済する可能性が出てきた。なんでも負債総額は25億円相当だが、50セントはまだまだ利益を稼ぎ出せる能力があるので、負債者側が50セントの雇い主となって借金返済に勤めさせるような法的手段に出たいらしい。今後が楽しみですね。>

50 Cent is potentially close to ending his bankruptcy case, according to the Daily News. The rapper appeared in court yesterday (March 9), for a hearing in the case and reportedly made a deal with the creditors to whom he owes $28 million.

In the deal, which must be approved by a federal judge, 50 Cent says he will pay his top creditors 74 percent of what they are owed. The report includes $6 million to Lastonia Leviston, who was awarded $7 million after she sued the rapper for posting a sex tape of her in the midst of his beef with Rick Ross.

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