2 Chainz の手掛けるブランド “CEO Millionaires clothing”

2-chainz-new-mixcd-tuhanあの 2 Chainz が手掛ける洋服ブランドが立ち上がるらしい。名前は CEO Millionaires clothing line といい。やや ゲトーチックなファッションセンスが入ったブランドとなる。今回も CEO,OOO,OOO と彼がデザインしたフレーズが入ったスウェットパーカーがリリースされた。その他にも乳がん撲滅チャリティーモノなどもあるらしい。気になる方はコチラからどうぞ!

2 Chainz has been expanding his brand beyond music from dabbing Santa sweaters to his own CEO Millionaires clothing line. The company, which stands for Create Every Opportunity, released a new hoodie collection yesterday (October 12).

The sweatshirts come in various colors, including baby blue and forest green, all with the signature “CEO,OOO,OOO” logo.

One of the offerings raises support for breast cancer awareness as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The commas in the logo on the hoodie design are replaced by pink ribbons.

Each hoodie is available for purchase for $49.99 at CEOMillionaires.com.

Check out the latest styles for CEO Millionaires hoodies below.

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